Exotic Pocket Square: The Moroccan Golden Dragon

If you ask me a quick question and you say: “Hey! Kamal… what’s your favorite pocket square of all?”

Without any hesitation I will say: The Moroccan Golden Dragon.

And here is why…

An Exotic Pocket Square…

No matter how mild-mannered we may appear, inside each of us is a dragon, waiting to come out. Let yours make a colorful, eye-catching appearance with this unusual silk and cotton pocket square. Let onlookers discern its embroidered motifs as they navigate through smoke and color.

You already know that our pocket squares are unique and intriguing, just like the people who wear them.  Each one tells a story, or carries strong ties to a particular place or moment.  Our Moroccan Golden Dragon pocket square, for example, is inspired by Moroccan wedding dresses.

When you wear one of our pocket squares, you take these stories and transform them into your own.  Our mission is to add a glamorous touch to any wardrobe.  We create pocket squares that draw people’s eyes, get them talking, and help the wearer leave an unforgettable impression in his wake. And the Moroccan Golden Dragon is one of these pochettes that will inspire you and those around you.  Give it a shot, you will thanks us later.

exotic pocket square

We suggest wearing it paired with a navy, brown, or black suit. Use a puff fold for the perfect mix of convention and excitement– or, if you’re feeling more daring, a reverse puff to suggest the dragon’s flames.

Fabric: Silk & Coton

Colors: Green/Yellow/Blue

Made:  In Morocco

Size: 30x30cm

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